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Are you hiring the best talent for your business culture?

Your people are a vital asset, so when you hire a new starter it’s critical that this new employee fits perfectly into your operations, your culture and your values as a company.

But how do you know if a potential hire is a ‘good fit’? Will they drive your business to bigger and better success, or could this new employee become a potential spanner in the works?

Be transparent about your company values

Your company values are central to your mission as a business. So making sure those values are clearly outlined and shared is essential for hiring the right talent. By clearly defining and sharing these fundamental values, you’ll attract candidates who share your ethics, values and core motivations – making them a great potential fit for your company culture.

To do this:

When you’re hiring, this process isn’t just about you choosing an employee – it’s also about a worker choosing your company and understanding what you stand for. Make sure your job advert gives the best possible indication of what the job entails, but also what you’re like as a workplace. This is a great way to appeal to like-minded people with the best skills.

When advertising and interviewing:

You obviously want to know that a prospective hire has the right mix of experience, knowledge and professional skills. That’s a given. But it’s also sensible to ask questions that reveal more about their underlying values, morality, work ethic and interpersonal skills. This will help you to assess whether the candidate is a good fit for your company culture.

Here are some examples of interview questions that did a little deeper:

You may think a candidate is the bee’s knees, but what do the rest of your team think? Gauging the opinions of your management team and other team members is vitally important. These people will be working directly with this new hire, so they have to get a good vibe from them.

To encourage objective feedback, give your team members a chance to meet the candidate and take their feedback into account when making a hiring decision.

Monitor your new hire and have regular, ongoing performance reviews

Once you’ve made a hiring decision and have a new employee on the team, it’s vital to have regular and ongoing informal catch-ups and more formalised performance reviews. This helps you to measure how your new employee is settling in. It’s also an opportunity to gauge whether there are areas where they may need support from you and the wider team.

Don’t hold back. Be as open and transparent as possible:

Having the very best talent in your team is central to achieving your goals for the business. So, making sure you hire the right people is actually a business-critical decision to make.

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