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Embracing humour in your marketing and brand identity

As a brand, you want to be seen as professional, trustworthy and capable. But there’s also a strong argument for letting down the professional facade occasionally to use a little humour in your marketing, your communications and the company’s brand personality.

Are we joking? Making gags in professional marketing? We’re totally sincere about this. In fact, humour is actually what your customers want, according to the latest consumer research.

So, how do you get the balance right between tickling customers funny bones and maintaining the professional reputation of your company’s brand?

Consumers want humour: but business leaders are wary of being funny

91% of people globally prefer brands to be funny. But 95% of business leaders are worried about using humour in their brand’s consumer interactions, according to The Happiness Report from Oracle and author-podcaster Gretchin Rubin.

The stats from this report are pretty conclusive. The average customer likes a chuckle, but businesses are still acting rather ‘buttoned down’ and serious:

To add humour to your brand personality:

To keep your humour on track

Not all situations call for humour, and being funny in an inappropriate way can occasionally backfire. So, be sure that what you’re saying hits the mark and won’t cause a problem. Remember, your aim is to raise a laugh from your customers and boost that warm, fuzzy feeling they have for your brand. Keep this in mind whenever you’re introducing humour.

Here are some tips to keep you on track:Use your judgement – there are no hard and fast rules. But remember that a joke has to raise a giggle, not cause offence.

Use fresh humour to create a unique brand personality

It’s important to keep your humour original. If you start using outdated or overused humour, your customers are likely to see your brand as unoriginal and uninspired. So, be sure to keep your jokes fresh and funny.

If adding a touch of humour to a marketing campaign or a blog post feels right, embrace that and let your true brand personality shine through.

Be honest, be funny and show your humorous side to your customers. You won’t regret it.

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