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FoMO or JoMO? Give your business decisions (and yourself) a chance to breathe

In reviews of buyer trends and marketing reports, the term FoMO often pops up. It stands for the fear of missing out. It’s the feeling that, whatever you’re doing, you’re missing out on something happening somewhere else, a product or experience you just must have.

In your marketing campaigns, it’s your friend. Let customers and prospects know they’re in danger of missing out if they ignore this wonderful opportunity, service, product, discount, or promotion.

But don’t let it drive your day. FoMO leads people to want to be connected at all times in case they let an opportunity slip. It can prompt snap decisions when you might be better off thinking it through. You can end up feeling like your day is at the mercy of whatever notification pings next.

To reset to your own goals and priorities, JoMO - the joy of missing out - may help.

Take a breath. Are you really missing out if you’re not connected every minute every day? Do you need to fence off some time just for your business and/or just for you and your family?

Start by turning your phone off or to silent. In the office, give yourself a couple of precious hours to work things through, devote some true thinking time to your business. At home, practice saying no to a few invitations. Try that new recipe. Plant those herbs. Or take to the hills, get some air, and really breathe.

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