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Go walking: keep you and your business healthy

Being able to run a business from a laptop is an amazing thing. But it does mean that you spend a LOT of time sitting in front of a screen not being very active. Research shows that office workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down – and that’s not great for your health.

A good walk may well be the answer to this issue, with walking being a great way to get yourself fit and to add some energy to your business thinking too.

Get active and become a more effective leader

Sitting down for long periods is not healthy. That’s the undeniable truth of being a sedentary entrepreneur that spends hours each day looking at a computer screen or mobile device. Sitting down slows your metabolism, burns no calories and leaves our muscles to waste.

To make your working day more healthy:

The benefits of being an active entrepreneur

Time spent walking isn’t wasted. It’s a way to keep active, to refresh your business ideas and to place a better focus on your health, wellbeing and stress levels.

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